JBL Tune600BTNC review. A robust, powerful-sounding package with all the additional bonuses of Bluetooth and technology that is noise-cancelling

JBL Tune600BTNC review. A robust, powerful-sounding package with all the additional bonuses of Bluetooth and technology that is noise-cancelling

A punchy, effective set of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Tested at ВЈ90

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Our Verdict

A robust, powerful-sounding package aided by the additional bonuses of Bluetooth and noise-cancelling technology

Bluetooth connectivity, noise-cancelling technology, double-figure battery life – part of us seems grateful the JBL Tune600BTNC provides all this in a package costing lower than £100.

All things considered, it is perhaps maybe not unusual for a few of the finest headphones in this category, such as the Sony WH-1000XM2, Bose QuietComfort 35 II and Bowers & Wilkins PX, to price ВЈ300 or even more.

The big concern: is here enough kept in JBL’s kitty, after this has loaded into the features, to provide quality of sound that’s up to scrape?


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For ВЈ90, these JBLs look appealing sufficient. The synthetic that covers the headband as well as the sides of this earpieces is smooth to touch, and contains a very nearly matte-like quality.

They appear and feel good, however the drawback could be the finish doesn’t cope well with the rough and tumble of everyday activity.

Likewise, the circular glossy inserts which cover the rear of each earpiece certainly are a good comparison to the dulled-down finish and provide the headphones a soupГ§on of design – but, once again, the materials utilized is vunerable to scuffs and scratches. A carry-case or pouch would here come in useful, but unfortuitously JBL does not offer one.

Although we do not expect them to be because bulletproof as headphones costing 3 times just as much, it might nevertheless be good in the event that Tune600s could resist the scuffs a bit better.

Maybe one of many finishes that are alternative function as solution. These JBLs are also available in a selection of blue, pink or white – for the ВЈ4 that is extra.

As soon as in place, the Tune600BTNCs feel safe and secure enough. There’s the usual headband modification, and an adequate amount of swivel and tilt when you look at the earpads.

This implies you need ton’t have issues producing a good seal and doing your best with the JBL’s noise-cancelling ability. The headphones will also be foldable, that should make saving them away easier.

They can fit well too, with a decent amount of convenience – for an hour or so though we do find our ears warming up after using them. Offered they’re a design that is on-ear that’s scarcely unforeseen – plus it may even appear in handy during those cool winter season.


The earpiece that is left a micro-USB port for asking on its top side (a cable is roofed when you look at the package).

Buttons for energy, noise-cancelling and playback run over the base. a lengthy press for the ‘volume up’ key skips ahead a track. Do the same towards the ‘volume down’ switch to jump right straight straight back.

The energy and noise-cancelling buttons can be an identical form, that may simply simply simply take a little bit of used to. Amount and playback settings certainly are a bit thinner and placed much closer together.

You’re less likely to want to lose the right path with one of these, though we did press ‘volume down’ in place of ‘volume up’ a couple of times.

A tiny blue LED indicates you’re connected via Bluetooth, while a white one shows noise-cancelling is started up.

JBL claims enough juice for 12 hours of Bluetooth and noise-cancelling, which rises to 22 hours making use of just Bluetooth or 30 hours with wired use and simply noise-cancelling activated.

That’s a return that is decent simply couple of hours of billing.


Because of this cash it is hard to criticise JBL’s skills that are noise-cancelling.

They don’t expel just as much back ground sound as a premium pair of Bose or Sony headphones, but we do not actually expect them to – maybe maybe maybe not least because those models are over-ear designs, https://datingmentor.org/hinge-review/ that will help with isolation.

The JBLs do a good job of cutting through the hustle and bustle of a busy bus or a crowded train compartment to their credit. Turn the function on therefore the level and clarity of information that the Tune600BTNCs offer rises a notch.

Nevertheless the bass performance actually stands apart. It’s extremely tight and punchy, but weighty and effective too. Enjoy Drake’s Legend and there’s a level and heftiness to frequencies that are low some spending plan headphones is only able to imagine.

Each bass thwacks hits with force and a feeling of dynamism that actually drives the track along.

It’s a nice surprise to hear the lower frequencies managed very well. Thick, woolly or defectively defined bass is normally the compromise with couple of spending plan headphones, but definition is sharp and there’s no sacrifice when it comes to fat.

All of it results in a thrilling and effective presentation. Play Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins and the track appears since taut as Cristiano Ronaldo’s ab muscles.

There’s fat to each and every tool – guitars provide the impression they’re being plucked, perhaps not tickled. While the bells chime in addition to violins movement, the headphones handle the powerful changes within their stride.

The JBLs noise confident and expressive through the frequency range. Billy Corgan’s vocal seems reassuringly expressive and solid.

You wouldn’t classify the JBLs as retiring and shy. High frequencies sound crisp and razor- razor- razor- sharp, although not extremely harsh or bright.

Our main gripe is need to deliver effective bass may be a little overbearing. Whenever a track demands an even more delicate hand, the JBLs nevertheless insist upon tossing haymakers.

Play a gentler track such as for example Oasis’ Cast No Shadow therefore the song’s melancholic flow is hijacked by the JBL’s aspire to impose energy and fat if it isn’t really needed. It does not perform some track’s timing any favours.

Switching from the noise-cancelling relieves a little bit of that unwanted weight, but happens to be counterproductive. It presents extra sound and the songs loses its quality and drive.


Some might prefer an even more balanced, rounded noise, however in numerous respects the JBL Tune600BTNCs are extremely capable.

If you want your bass beefy and meaty, we suggest you provide them with a go.

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